Information on Souvenir

Miniature cars and model cars

Largest scale in Nishi-nippon
(western Japan) area
1,500 cars are displayed and 2,000
cars are in the inventory.

We prepare elaborate and professional model cars and miniature cars of various manufacturers such as AUTOart and Keisho.
Come to see our full-fledged and no-compromise model cars in which our careful attention has been paid to every detail.

Suzhou embroidery, paintings and photographs

Beautiful paintings and art decorate the inside of the building.

You can see full line-up of paintings, oil paintings and photographs including “Soshu Shishu (Suzhou embroidery)”, one of China’s Four Great embroidery Brands.
Like a museum, a beautiful view spreads in the Bussan Kan (Souvenir Hall) and Toto-no-Yado lobby.

Saikaibashi bussan kan (Saikaibashi Souvenir Hall)

Spacious shopping zone

“Shops” can offer you selected items which feature Nagasaki Prefecture and various items for souvenirs.

Hatakata Taiyaki, Taihoraku

Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam)

“Taihoraku” Hakata Taiyaki is a famous item of Noma, Minamiku, Fukuoka City
Taihoraku has taken a long time for research to bring out Taiyaki’s original deliciousness. It focused on sweetness and used entirely domestically-produced adzuki beans and sugar. Then, it carefully kneaded them. Matured sharpness of bean jam in the taste and freshly-baked flavor are kept as it is! Its external texture is crisper than that of the internal texture. The difference makes it more delicious. So finally, it has made perfect Taiyaki with the best combination of wafer. If you bite a bit, you will love it. It is “Taiyaki of Taihoraku.” Don’t miss it.

Hand made Monaka
(bean‐jam‐filled wafer)

Hokuriku-made carefully-selected glutinous rice is pounded with a mallet then it is carefully baked piece by piece to become a wafer. There are two types of bean jams of “Dainagon (chief-councilor-of-state) Tsubuan (sweet bean jam containing whole beans) and “Maccha An (bean jam containing green powdered tea).” A picture of male and female porgies intimately facing each other underwater is drawn on each wafer.

Original Monaka
(bean‐jam‐filled wafer)

The wafer is respectively and carefully baked one by one. There are two types of bean jams of “Dainagon-Tsubu-An (chief-councilor-of-state sweet bean jam containing whole beans)” and “Maccha An (bean jam containing green powdered tea).” Both of them are highly recommended for your souvenir.

Toto-no-Dagashiya (Toto Cheap Sweets Shop)

Mukashi Natsukashi
(Nostalgic item shop)“Toto-no-
Dagashiya (Toto Cheap Sweets Shop)”

You can enjoy this place if you are a kid or an adult.
Originally this is made for middle aged men. But for some reason, young women love it.
One of the reasons is because nostalgic things are common for both of them.

Million dollar toilet

Million dollar toilet
“Umi-no-Kaze (Ocean Wind)”

Super toilet is born. It cost one million dollars.
“Ideal toilet” was born as the result of ultimate pursuit of “comfort.”
If you are with your children or if you are physically handicapped, no problem. You can use this toilet comfortably. This is the only one “Multipurpose toilet” in the western Japan.


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